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Thanx Messie


Thanx Messie

phase zero

How should the ZFF operate? What should be its protocols, rules and procedures to facilitate dialog? What should be its structure?


Howard Zinn

The ZFF (Zinn Freedom From) is an apolitical, independent think-thank devoted to a grand reassessment and redefinition of society through critical analysis and rigorous dialog with the goal of engineering new realistic social concepts and actionable strategies for the betterment of mankind. 

The think-tank is named after the prominent thinker, author, teacher, activist and advocate Howard Zinn. “Freedom From” is the overarching principle that the think-tank is built upon, an expression of its independence and its total lack of authority. 

The work of the ZFF will be done by the people and for the people wholly inside the public domain. All are welcome to join up and add their academic expertise or good ole’ fashion common sense (and hopefully some uncommon sense as well) to the dialog and forthcoming strategy sessions.

The ZFF has no one political, religious, academic or class allegiance. Its intention is not to force one set of practices, causes, ethics and morals over another.  It is completely open sourced and hopes to neutralise biases and prejudices by creating an atmosphere for in-depth critical debate to take place with the expressed goal of working towards universal systems that all of mankind can benefit from equally. We must begin to re-examine society taking into account everyone’s perspective.

Calling ALL freethinkers, subversive radicals, dedicated conservatives, progressive liberals, socialists, agnostics, witch-doctors, community activists, lawyers, gang members and beloved grandmothers the world over!!! The time is now.